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Hi from San Francisco!

Hi everyone! I’ll go first for our introduction posts.

My name is Marka (she/her). I’m 18 and from San Francisco, California. In high school I played tennis and was a leader of beekeeping club, as well as spending a lot of time working in the wood and metal shops. After graduating last June I’m taking a gap year before starting college at Harvard next fall. I’m interested in human evolution, anthropology, and public health, and I love to read about practically anything — I’m sure I’ll end up swapping books with all of you during our trip!

I did a Dragons summer trip to Indonesia after my sophomore year of high school and absolutely loved it! Before that trip I was pretty nervous to live with a host family but now that is probably the part of our course I am most excited for. I’m also looking forward to spending time trekking in the mountains — I just got home yesterday from almost a month of backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, and can’t wait to get outdoors again! Overall I am sure India will be a challenging place to travel at times, but I’m excited to begin exploring the country in all its complexity.

I have one packing question: I’ve sometimes had trouble while traveling to find products such as sunscreen without skin bleaching agents in them. Should I bring a bigger supply or will we be able to buy safe toiletries like this in India?

I can’t wait to meet you all soon!