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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Hola a [email protected]

¡Hola a [email protected]!

Greetings from Southern Colorado where the aspen leaves are growing borders of yellow and orange. Autumn has arrived in the alpine of the Rocky Mountains and I am soaking it all in before take off as it is my favorite season. I have just returned from attempting a famous ridge climb in Colorado. My climbing partner and I were rained off but enjoyed the trek and raspberries that lined the trail regardless! Mountains, whether they are snow-capped or rocky ridges, continue to be my main inspiration in life. Through my travels and many places I have lived I have always found home in the mountains. The opportunity to explore Los Andes with you all is something I am deeply grateful for.

I grew up throughout California and was gifted a Waldorf education until going to University. Waldorf focuses on imagination and creativity through the lens of the natural world. This pedagogy instilled in me a love of learning to last a lifetime and influenced my current gypsy ways enormously. My University studies in environmental science and experiential education led me to work on permaculture farms in costa rica, children homes in India and Nepal and more recently I served as community conservation volunteer with the Peace Corps in Panama.

I would like to welcome you all in gratitude for seeking an experience full of adventure deeply rooted in humility. You might be asking yourself- how do I prepare for this?

Here is my Recipe To Prepare:

Ingredients: curiosity, excitement, willingness, nervousness, notes from loved ones, enthusiasm, hope, an open heart and luggage.

Instructions: Add all items into the luggage and stir with a dash of overthinking. Do so even if you are missing an ingredient… the journey ahead will taste just as sweet, I promise! This treat is Andes and Amazon bound!

Raquel, Randall and I are very excited to meet you soon! Until then, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. Blessings on your preparations and celebrations ahead!

Un abrazo,


PS- This is a photo of me in a Panamanian pollera dancing- my highest expression of joy!