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Hola equipo!

Estimado equipo,

My name is Este and I am one of your instructors for the upcoming fall semester in Guatemala.  I am super excited about working with all of you this summer as well as having amazing co-instructors.  Our program will be full of amazing, challenging and inspiring moments that will bring us close together and sharpen all of our skills to hopefully continue crafting amazing spaces and experiences wherever we go.  I hope you are all as excited about this experience as I am.

I was born in Guatemala as were my abuelas and their abuelas before them and before them.  I grew up in Guatemala city until the age of 10 when my family had to flee the country because of the civil conflict.  We landed in Canada as political refugees and continued to make the best of the situation until many many years later I could return to Guatemala and continue to support the push for justice and grassroots activism that my mother had fought for throughout the war.

I am full of surprises and some confusing contradictions, but above all i am full of joy and passion for guiding processes of reflection and learning about global issues, grassroots activism and generally just learning how to be awesomely aware and conscientious in a world also full of surprises and contradictions.

I enjoy the simple things in life and love working with the natural elements rather than against them.  I have been know to make people laugh and tend to be the first one to find the nearest bakery no matter what town or village i’m in.  I love coffee Guatemalan style as well as black beans and avocado pretty much any day all the time forever.

I’m the geeky friend you had or never had in high school with a dash of sassy smarty pants every now and then.  I love learning new things and treat things around me like encyclopedias.   I can’t wait to find out more about each one of you and begin to craft this amazing learning adventure together.

Hasta pronto!! 🙂