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Two Dragons welcome the sunrise with an improvised dance atop the Andes. Photo by Ryan Gasper.

Hola queridos Dragoncitos y Dragoncitas

Hello, dear friends, dragoncitos !!!

My name is Ana and I will be one of the instructors on this course …

I was born in Bolivia and I currently live in the city of El Alto. El Alto is located at 4,100 meters above sea level. The city of El Alto is very important in Bolivia, because it helped to the raise to power the current president of Bolivia. The social struggles in El Alto of 2003 were a big part of the movement that led Evo Morales to the presidency. Most of the population in El Alto are descendants of the Aymara culture, which makes them very rebellious. I am very proud to belong to this place.

What do I do? … I have been working with theater for many years … I am part of a theater group called Trono and together with COMPA (Community of Producers in the Arts) our work has a lot to do with Art and Education. We aim to transform society through theater, music, dance, painting, etc. to recover our bodies, love them, respect them, and learn to be better human beings …I work with young adults from Bolivia as well as with young people from other places, other countries using art as a way to create spaces of collective well-being. I also work on issues around women’s rights,  with boys and girls who live in the jail system in Bolivia.

I love the world of the Dragons community! I have led four programs in Bolivia and Peru with Dragons and this will be my fifth. Every time I start a Dragons course I feel a lot of excitement. I am happy to do this program with you because together we will live a lot of experiences in Bolivia and Peru. I can’t wait to meet you and share my culture, identity, and beliefs …

I’m very excited to work with Jhasmany and Ben again as we make a wonderful team !!! We had the chance to work together this past summer in Peru and it was a great program. You will see …

Well, I send you a big hug and many besos, eagerly awaiting the start of our adventure!!!

Abrazos de oso mis queridos y queridas dragoncitas!!!!