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Images and updates, including more limited communication for the next week!

Hello family and friends of our Nueva Dragons!

We just wanted to let you know that the group is moving out of Chiang Mai after three full days of learning and laughter.

We are camping out tonight (Saturday) at the Dara’Ang Development Project (DDP) farm site. There we will learn about the Dara’Ang people, enjoy the local hot spring and camp out in tents in a house structure (think roof with no walls).

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will travel to Baan Hua Hin Lad Nai, a Karen village, where we will do our first homestay.

Everyone is doing well. There is a feeling of nerves moving out of the city but we are excited to continue our journey in a more nature-rich environment.

For the next week we will be in more remote locations with limited electricity and signal. We will do our best to post up a Yak per day, but please be patient with us if we miss one here and there.

Thank you!

Jess and Gai.

PS, your kids are all amazing! We are very impressed with their questions and willingness to push themselves out of their comfort zone. We are having a great trip!


What to do when traveling... Nueva Thailand Group at INA House Nueva Thailand Teachers