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Instructora Introduction

Hola queridxs estudiantes!

(Yup, prepare yourself, from now on to hear more SPANGLISH in your life, especially coming from me!)

My name is Itza, and I’ll be one of the instructors that will be joining this adventure with you all.

I am native to Nicaragua, born and raised in Managua, the capital city. My mom is from an indigenous town called Diriomo, the town of the “witches”, and my dad is from Spain. He came to Nicaragua during the 1980’s to support the revolutionary project and never left! They are both a big important piece in my life, to them I owe my love for the mountains and the beach, the desire to seek natural spaces, and a love of working within rural communities!

I graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering, and have done different work opportunities to help me gain a better view of the environmental issues we are dealing in Nicaragua, so we can talk about that if you are interested! Before working for Dragons I was working for a town hall in the environmental management area, helping to mitigate the pollution that comes from coffee farms.

Another thing that we can talk about is organic production! I am an enthusiast of the Biointensive Growing Method and any other organic farming methods.  We have some excellent contacts to learn about this in Guatemala if people are interested.

You have no idea hoq excited I am to be your instructor for this course.  I’ve worked three programs as an instructor with Dragons in South America, but this will be my first course in Central America.  I am thrilled to guide you through this magical part of the world.  And you people are the first ones to see that in action!

I hope we have a great semester to learn and nourish ourselves from our community contacts, guest speakers, and the natural world. We will also learn so much from each other.

I am here for whatever you need, I hope you can find in me someone to trust and feel comfortable expressing yourself!

If you have any questions, please share them here.

Saludxs amigxs,