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Hola amigos! You already know me by now; my name is Alex Krauel and I’m stoked to be in the great BY Indonesia cohort of 2019. After the flash of quick bonding and important information that was orientation, I’m now (mostly) prepared—but certainly excited—to immerse myself in the next nine months of bug spray, squatty potties, interesting service work, and long adventures.

A little bit about myself: I’m the palest Spanish-American in the continental United States and an avid traveler. I’m a native speaker of English and Spanish and fluent in French and have thus far visited every continent except for Australia and Antarctica. I play soccer and am an enormous fan of the sport and enjoy playing volleyball and basketball in my free time. My favorite shows include Suits and Black Mirror, and I love reading anything from science fiction thrillers to non-fiction historical analyses.

Ideally, this Bridge Year will serve as an opportunity through which I can gain a fresh perspective of the plight that citizens of a developing country face daily, as well as a period of cultural growth and learning to develop an international mindset. I’m eager to see how my journey in Indonesia will impact my studies at the Woodrow Wilson School in Princeton and beyond!