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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


Hey folks, my name is Will LeVan and I am extremely excited to be traveling to Nepal with you all in a few weeks.  I’m a native of Newton, Kansas (near Wichita) but have spent much of the past four years at a military boarding school in northern Indiana.  I’m 19, and after my gap year I’ll be attending Washington University in St. Louis.  I’m a big math and science nut but am really hoping to expand my cultural, linguistic, and artistic (in any and all forms) interests on our upcoming adventure.  Outside of school, I love to be active whether it be hiking in the Colorado Rockies during my summers or playing basketball, tennis, and baseball.  I’m also constantly listening, making, and playing music.  Two of my biggest hobbies are making music on my computer or playing my guitar and ukulele (I’m planning on bringing along my uke).

I actually went on a Dragons trip last summer to Peru which was simply amazing and a was a large factor in me taking a gap year and picking this trip to go on.  Having hiked extensively in the Rockies and exploring the Andes last summer, I’m chomping at the bit to spend time in the Himalayas.  Another reason why I picked this trip was to discover more about Buddhism and Hinduism and the role they play in Nepalese society.  I studied the religions in world history class, but it was brief to say the least.  A final reason why I’m pumped for this trip is to get out of my bubble.  Recently, my world has been smaller than I’ve liked.  Going to a new part of the world with new friends and facing challenges such as a new language, foreign environment, and a culture unlike anything I’ve experienced will certainly push many limits.

Peace, looking forward to meeting you all.