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Mae Tha Homestay – Activities and reflection

Today was the first full day where we were at the Mae Tha village, but we had already been introduced and had spent the night at our homestay. We started the day by going on a tour of the village and especially focusing on learning about and viewing the rice fields there.

Pi Un taught us about snail eggs and how the snails will lay their eggs attached to the rice plants and he also taught us about the crabs in the rice fields. We saw a woman in the rice fields looking down at the water then would quickly snipe her hand down and come out with a crab and would continuously do that for hours. After that we went to the Mae Tha café and all got Thai iced tea which has been an ongoing occurrence in Thailand.

Our next activity was visiting the village school which was an amazing experience. The 4th and 5th graders showed us their outdoor space which surprisingly reminded me of Nueva’s outdoor space. We both have chickens and a garden and at both schools the students would take care of the garden.

It was so amazing to see these similarities and made me realize both of the schools teach the same values. We circled up and got to talk to the students and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up, and they would say artist, doctor, monk or even teacher. It was so cool to hear that some of them had the same answers as some of us.

We brought a soccer ball and took it out to play and immediately all of the kids lit up and joined to play which was my favorite part of the whole day. I thought it was so cool to play soccer with the kids because it is one of the few things the really brings two different communities together using very little communication, only laughter, which I think is the best way to connect with kids.

The trip is going great and we all miss you!