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On Going Home

Thursday marked seven days until we make the journey back to Los Angeles, and then ultimately home. I think that everyone has different thoughts on this. Some are excited to get home and see their family and friends and are becoming less and less present by the day. Others are left wondering where all the time went, not wanting to go home, and thinking about how places like Xi’an and Xiahe seemed so long ago, when the fact of the matter is, they weren’t.

Personally, I am left somewhere in the middle. In the beginning of the trip, I counted down the days until home with excitement for getting back to my day to day routine. I now count down each day with a hint of sadness. Sadness, because I am coming to the realisation that the people I have come to call my friends over the past 5 weeks will never be in the same room again. It is also sad knowing that I don’t know when the next time I will be fortunate enough to be in this incredible country again is. As I look forward to the end of this trip, whether I am sad or glad to be leaving, I think about what this trip has done for me. The biggest thing that our time in China has given me is perspective. I have experienced so many new things on this trip, ranging from fire cupping to living with a nomadic family in Tibet. I am going to do everything I can for those experiences to influence me for the better during my life at home.