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On this course I witnessed… On this course I learned…

We had a fair amount of extra time on the train to Bangkok so I arranged everyone’s thoughts on the following prompts:

“On this course I witnessed…”

  • Fiona: I witnessed the importance of cultural belief and traditions playing a role in how the Thai society is shaped.
  • Ryker: I witnessed many Thai workers participating in back breaking work for a salary which in the US would be illegal.
  • Nixie: I witnessed Thai babies on the front of motorbikes with their hands on the wheel with no helmet.
  • Wilson: Some dogs
  • Matthew: I witnessed a lot of Thai kids doing work for the family and taking on a lot of responsibility.
  • Cate: I witnessed religion playing a large role in developing country-wide norms, education, and health care.
  • Ayla: I witnessed Buddhism, friendliness, family, education, prosperity, necessity, sexism, activism, satisfaction, corruption, respect, humbleness, kindness and fast motorbikes.
  • Alyssa: People, despite the little they have, sharing with a smile the best they have with total strangers.
  • Avery: a developing country where saving face, Buddhism, farming, kindness, tourism, and politics play a large role of the citizens’ daily lives.

“On this course I learned…”

  • Fiona: I learned about the power of knowledge and the amount of impact it could on a community. It holds the ability for empowerment, stories, and change but also destruction and separation.
  • Ryker: I learned about all of the different customs and cultures of Thailand and how to implement parts of it into my life.
  • Nixie: I learned about how opportunities affect people’s dreams.
  • Wilson: That eating straight chili flakes isn’t a good idea
  • Matthew: I learned that a lot of Thai children wish to ordain as monks.
  • Cate: I learned a lot about myself and my ability to communicate in uncomfortable situations.
  • Ayla: That my opinions about equality aren’t always right and I can’t push my beliefs on people/condemn content people with my uneducated judgement when it’s not my fight to fight.
  • Alyssa: That service does not always entail physical or visible impacts. Sometimes the act of listening and caring is all that matters.
  • Avery: How different a country can appear from the outside and the importance of digging deeper into the places you visit.