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Pictures from Hua Hin Lad Nai and DDP

Image 1:

During our stay at DDP Fiona, Avery and others got to try on the traditional costume of the Dara’ang people. The Dara’ang youth are especially proud of their culture, including their traditional costume.

Image 2:

View of the Hua Hin Lad Nai village. We stayed for two nights in the village. The village has limited amounts of electricity and no internet capability, it was nice to let go and be disconnected for a couple of days!

Image 3:

Trekking through the rice fields and farmland at the DDP facilities. We toured around with our Dara’ang friends and they showed us their livestock and other farming plots.

Image 4:

A rice farmer’s son. Planting and harvesting are a family affair and our host family let us help plant their rice. If anyone wants to come back to Thailand and the DDP facility in 120 days you would be able to harvest the rice you planted!

Image 5:

View from the treehouse. As Ayla explained our sleeping are was on an elevated structure made out of wood with just about no walls. The view was quite stunning and I took too many photos.