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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

Pre-Course Assignment

Dear Students,

We are just a few weeks away from meeting each other in Nepal. Many of you are most likely getting prepared for the adventure that awaits you. You may be having a mixture of feelings for the new experiences each of you will encounter in Nepal. Among all this we would like to remind you to take some time for yourself during these next few weeks so you can arrive well rested and ready for our time together.

As part of the preparation for your course, we would ask you to complete the short pre-course assignment outlined below.

1. Post an introduction note about yourself on the Yak board. We, the instructor team (Sharon, Micah and Aditya), are all excited to get to know you as are your fellow students. We have also each posted an introduction note to help you learn a little more about us before we finally meet in Nepal.

2. Please read “Why We Travel” by Pico Iyer (here). It is a short article that outlines our travel motivations, philosophy and making meaningful connections with the places where we travel.

3. This is that time of the year when we will be witnessing a lot of festivals being celebrated in Nepal. We would encourage you to research one that interests you so that you can share about it once we meet as a group. We hope this assignment will give you an insight into the diverse belief systems that exists in Nepal and help you start building an understanding  of the culture we are going to be a part of during this trip. A few of these festivals are Dashain, Tihar, Raato Machendranath, Indra Jatra, Losar, Buddha Jayanti, but there are many more as well.

If you have any questions we encourage you to post it on the Yak board and one of us will respond as soon as possible.

We thank you for taking the time to complete this and we look forward to meeting you all in Kathmandu.

Him C Instructor team