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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Q&A: return travel


Hello! I’m considering the possibility of staying in Indonesia after the program finishes instead of flying back on Dec 6 with the group, and am wondering what the protocol would be? Could I potentially delay my return flight from Jakarta to LAX a couple of weeks? Would I be incurring in additional charges for flight adjustments and, if so, what would they be and how could I proceed with making these arrangements? Thanks!


Thanks for your question Mina.

Please call the office to arrange a later return flight. It is possible. You will be charged a change fee (around $200 USD) and any difference in airfare price. It is much easier to organise this now, i.e. before the program has started, rather than later. 

If you want to remain in Indonesia after the program you will need to purchase a 30 day visa when the group flies in from KL on the group visa run. That paid visa can be extended in-country for an additional 30 days. Or do a visa run to KL or Singapore after the program ends (which is sometimes easier/faster/as cost effective). 


SEA Program Director.

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