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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Q&A: vaccine documentation

Q: Two questions concerning student “documentation”:

  1. Is a copy of one’s passport sufficient ID for students to carry in country? (especially in the case of a recent high school grad)
  2. Do students need to carry any proof of immunization?



Thanks for your questions Michael.

  1. Please bring an old school ID card if you can (it helps to secure student discounts in the field)
  2. It’s good to have a copy of what immunisations you’ve had in your passport (there’s usually a little yellow book that is provided by the travel doctor), but it’s not necessary to carry if you don’t have it handy. I.e., you don’t need proof of vaccinations to enter Indonesia. It’s just good to have if a person gets sick or slips over and cuts themselves on a dirty ledge, the instructors and doctors will know immediately what treatment is needed (e.g. a Tetanus booster in the second scenario).

Hope that helps!


SEA Program Director.