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Reunion – A message from a parent

As a stateside observer of nearly six weeks of Yak posts, I look to next week with much anticipation for what the Indonesia travelers have experienced and can share with us upon their return.

We know that muscles are stretched and strengthened with physical exertion, first breaking down and then recovering in stronger form. And each of you has seen how pushing yourself in school creates new growth in knowledge that can be applied to a wider number of challenges. So, too, I suspect that you have witnessed how one’s humanity and awareness of human dignity changes through exposure to new relationships, and living in different circumstances, on the other side of the globe.

Your families, friends, and communities look forward to having you back among us. You have been exposed to so much and experienced things you will not soon forget. We will try to be patient in our ‘recovery’ from your time away as you catch up on sleep, adjust to life back home, and convey the swirling thoughts and emotions that will be hard to describe to those of us who have read your Yaks and mostly stretched our imaginations.

We have missed you but are grateful you have had this opportunity. Living at the edge of your comfort zone is where I have seen you experience growth and new awareness, and we look forward to hearing (and seeing) all about your Summer. Enjoy these days, safe travels, and see you soon.