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Saludos desde Schaumburg


My name is Cody Mui and I’m from the village of Schaumburg, located (supposedly) about a 30-minute drive from downtown Chicago (but it usually ends up around an hour or longer). Schaumburg is an economic powerhouse in the Chicagoland area, housing many corporate offices, even North American headquarters for companies like Zurich Insurance and Motorola.

When spending time with friends, Woodfield Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in America, is always an option. After the mall, it can be a short drive to the Streets of Woodfield shopping center for a movie or lunch at the array restaurants. However, I sometimes opt to choose to walk through the quieter areas of Schaumburg, to explore the nature around Volkening Lake or the Spring Valley outdoor museum.

I also find myself spending decent amount of time at the gym. I guess it’s a mix of nostalgia from my brief few years running track and memories of my Stay Fit for Life gym teacher yelling and practicing violin. As different as the two can be, both bring a sense of calm and are outlets to relieve stress by focusing on what I love to do. While I enjoy working out alone, exercising with a partner is evermore enjoyable and motivating, but I usually find myself at Coffee Haus with friends, enjoying some of the best bubble tea/smoothies, bingsoo (Korean shave ice), and ice cream waffles around.

I am interested in anything science. Hoping to go into the field of medicine, I am most intrigued by the many different molecules and chemical reactions that occur in living organisms. There is always something to be learned, whether it is reading up on scientific research or diving into the unknown and making the discovery myself in the future.

I am excited to try pique macho, a dish of sliced beef and potatoes with onions, locoto (chili pepper), boiled eggs, and various condiments on top. Its origins are unclear but some believe that it came about when a group of drunken workers came into a restaurant that had already closed for the night. The owner threw whatever food she had left that night together with a lot of locoto, telling them “piquen si son machos” (eat if you’re man enough). Its backstory is similar to the one of that of Chinese chop suey, so I am eager to experience its Bolivian counterpart.

The most important thing that I can do to prepare for Bolivia is to live in the moment at home right now. Soon we will call Bolivia home, and it is only fair and fitting that we are as open and welcome to our new home, to its people and customs, as we are here. Living in the moment is a mindset that I hope to continue having, the belief that home, friends, and family come from what you make of it in the present.

¡Hasta que nos encontramos!