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Saludos desde Stafford

Hola [email protected],

My name is Nicole Martin, and I’m from Stafford, Virginia. Stafford is a town that the youth are always eager to leave. If you don’t make it out of Stafford, you earn the title of “Stafford All Star.” Although it can be boring, as I approach my departure from Stafford, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for its rural beauty and historical significance. When I drive on the dangerously narrow and curvy back roads, I admire the farms and wide stretches of land, which look like they could be the subject for a landscape painting. I think it’s cool that I live close to George Washington’s childhood home, or that one of my favorite places to run, Lee Drive, is a trail that goes through a Civil War battlefield. Even so, I have no intention of becoming a “Stafford All Star.”

In Stafford, I enjoy running and playing soccer. I find running to be extremely relaxing and meditative (at least when I’m in decent shape) because of the silent and highly individual nature of the sport. I’m hoping to participate in crew or club running at Princeton.

I’m passionate about intersectional feminism and humanism. In high school, my best friend Alysha and I started the Third Wave Club, which was dedicated to discussion and action on social issues. Through the club, we engaged in discussions on the wage gap, the morality of expression, and violence against women. At the end of the school year, we initiated the Empowerhouse Supply Drive to collect household supplies and other goods for a local domestic violence shelter.

I’m excited to try salteñas, which are Bolivian empanadas with a gelatin and meat stew filling. From what I read, salteñas are very savory and sweet. Since I love empanadas, I can’t wait to try salteñas!

To prepare for Bolivia, I’ve been having charlas or “chats” with my Spanish teacher once a week. The charlas allow me to practice my Spanish and expand my vocabulary. Through the charlas, I’ve also mentally prepared for Bolivia by expressing my anxieties, goals, and expectations for Bridge Year.

¡No puedo esperar a verlos y conocerlos!