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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

See you in Jakarta!

Hello fellow dragons!

My name is Jenny Battye and I’m from Portsmouth, NH, which is a tiny town right on the seacoast. I can’t wait to travel and explore with all of you so soon!

I chose this dragons course because of the ruggedness, the language study, the home stays, and the focus on the environment.

I grew up traveling and moving around a lot with my parents and three siblings. When I was thirteen, my family started traveling to an orphanage in a small town of North Bali. We loved the kids there so much, that we’ve visited once or twice a year ever since, for one to four month stretches of time, teaching English, living with the kids and trying to support them in different ways. I also fell in love with scuba diving in Bali, and realized it was my dream to be a marine biologist and work to protect the oceans. I can’t wait to explore non-Bali parts of Indonesia.

After this dragons course, I’m going to travel in Vietnam and Indonesia and become a dive master. I also hope to work on a reef restoration project. Next year, I’m going to Bates college in Maine. My favorite things in the world are being outside, dancing to good music, traveling (of course), laughing, trying new things, scuba, writing, running, and being creative.

I hope everyone’s packing stress levels aren’t too high! Can’t wait to meet you all.