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Sugeng Rawuh!

One year has been passed really quickly. I’m happy to welcome you to my city and this will be my second year working with the Bridge Year program in Indonesia!

The community in Kotagede, the area where you will live, is so excited to have us roaming around the neighborhood again. They want to learn your language and they also want to know how you live your life…they want to know everything! I hope you will be happy to share with them your language, your food, your time, your kindness…

Yogjakarta and Indonesia will offer you so many things. You just need to prepare for an unexpected journey every time. Be ready to feel uncomfortable sometimes, be ready push yourself beyond your expectations!

I’m so happy that I get the opportunity to work with you. I will be happy to share all of my happiness, my thoughts, my knowledge, my language, and my family with you… I’m very positive that we all will have fun together in the city, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere!

I can’t guarantee that you will love the food..

I can’t guarantee that you will love the weather..

I can’t guarantee that you will love the people…

But I’m sure, by the end of the year, you will love Indonesia as much as I do!

Enjoy every moment, smile at every person that you meet, try all the new food, listen to every song, and don’t forget to bless every single day, because it’s a beautiful day and it’s a beautiful life..

Maturnuwun, Terima kasih, Thank you


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 *Sugeng Rawuh (Javanese, middle level language) means ‘welcome’