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Sweet & Savory

Today was sweet and savory, our last day in Lijiang and Lashihai. We said farewell to our host families. All members of our group were touched by the warmth and generosity of our hosts in Lashihai. Despite our limited mandarin or local dialect, we were able to communicate with smiles and gestures. Kindness and empathy are messages that transcend age, culture, and community. We were taken by the gentle pace of life, strong sense of community, and ability to live in harmony with nature. The families grow most of their own food: walnuts, corn tomatoes, potatoes, mint, cucumbers, chili paste, apples, pears, plums, sesame seeds, chickens, and pigs. We will savor memories our this welcoming community for years to come.

In the afternoon we ventured along a scenic route to a Tibetan monastery. We were greeted by local women selling beautiful fruit to leave as sweet offerings to the Buddha or fuel the climb to the temple.  Ascent to the hilltop temple was timed to enjoy an encompassing sound experience. The monks chanted and played traditional instruments, including the welk shell.  The evening begins the next leg of our adventure with a flight to Chengdu.