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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.



I am Livana Hill. Yes, my full name sounds like I am saying “live on a hill”. Someone pointed it out when I was in 8th grade; I do live on a hill.

Anyways, I am change, just like you. We will continue changing (hopefully for the better). And you will soon get to know the present me and viceversa, and I can’t wait for us to wake up every morning for 3 months to embrace the unknown.

Some things about my life that will help bridge that unknown between us:

I am (sometimes) funny, very relaxed and observant.

I carry my drawing journal and my “uno” cards everywhere I go. All my friends are tired of me asking if anyone wants to play, although when they are feeling it, they appreciate my efforts of always bringing the cards with me.

I have the most wonderful dog that we rescued off the streets (he is the best well behaved dog).

I crave the outdoors and my best mornings are when I wake up in my sleeping bag.

Lastly, my baby brother was born a week ago! He is tiny and looks like a grown man. Very handsome though.

Don’t forget to appreciate your family/friends/pets/bed in these last two weeks we have. Let them know you love them!

See ya soon,

Livana Hill