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The real taste of Thailand

This post may sound sweeter than any mango sticky rice we have had here in Thailand. Please forgive me if don’t facy sweet. Honestly, it’s very important to end a meal with a scrumptious treat.

I got out of the clean soft bed in Siri Poshtel at around three this morning. Hunger woke me up, though this isn’t hunger of food. I’m hungry for writing this note as a token of my gratitude for your eagerness to try the real tastes of Thailand that Jess and I have provided for you.

To me, our two-week-journey felt very much like a picnic in an emerald green rice paddy field. That’s because you have come here well prepared and willing to gain new experience. In fact, we have done so much within the short period of time that we had; from culture to Buddhism, from livelihood to conservation and from peaceful homestay to chaotic city.

Looking back to all of the people we have met, places we have visited and issues we have discussed, what an incredible experience! I have changed so much since we first begun.

Thank you for trusting me to guide you around the Land of Smiles. Thank you for including me, for laughing (and crying!), with me. Thank you for being wonderful human beings. Trust me when I say that I will miss you dearly and think of our adventure often.