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My smile is a sharpie smile on a dry erase face. I am happy. The kids yell Toubab loudly with huge smiles on their faces. I trace the outlines of dancing children’s wiggling bodies, as our hearts share the thumps of the pounding music surrounding us. Two girls hold my hands giggling and saying words to me that I don’t understand. I do understand. They are saying that they are happy through their smiles and through their dancing. I say I am happy through my smile that seems to be stuck on my face forever. We dance. One girl stops me before we step into the water and pulls up my pant leg, making sure it doesn’t get soaked in the salty water. We balance on sandbags, stepping in a line across the river. I say goodbye with a Jerejef. Ba beneen yoon. Thank you. Until next time. Wifi the dog greets me at my room with a spin and a million tail wags. I am happy.