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A Little About Me


I’m Noah. I am 21 years old currently attending UC Davis as a Chinese-Psychology double major. This will be my first time in China and my first time out of the country for quite a long time so I am very excited and a tad nervous. I am an introvert but that doesn’t mean I won’t talk for hours about something I’m interested in.

I love cooking, building high voltage science experiments, playing Overwatch (a competitive PC game), and learning more about Chinese language and culture. I have also been playing jazz piano for most of my life.

I started learning Chinese in high school. I originally took Latin my freshman year but knew I didn’t really enjoy it. I took an immersion program over the summer so that I could get into the second level of Chinese during my sophomore year. I ended up completing the series and finishing high school with AP Chinese. I then moved on to college where I began pursuing an engineering path but I got kind of lost and decided to take some Chinese classes. I took two more Chinese language courses at UC Davis leaving me with my Chinese minor requirements complete. I was, however, getting concerned about what I really wanted to do and through a little rough point in my life, temporarily withdrew from Davis and returned home to figure out my goals in life. I came across this program and thought that it was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence and give me some clarity. In the time after I applied to Dragons but before I will be leaving, I took four cooking classes where I learned the basics of French cooking and knife skills.

I mentioned that I like building high voltage science experiments. I built these machines with my twin brother. We made four Tesla coils. Our largest one created arcs of lighting up to six feet. We also became the 16th and 17th high school students in the world to have built a functioning fusion reactor. We have built a custom mounted gun style CO2 laser that could ignite stuff from up to 15 feet.

I spend a lot of time gaming. I am an avid competitive Overwatch player who placed within the Top 500 players on PC in North America last competitive season. I recently created a Twitch channel where I stream my gameplay online. I have accumulated a small loving community. Link for those interested. My gamer tag, Tesla, is derived from my admiration of the late inventor, Nikola Tesla.

I was hoping to get some information out there about me that I might not reveal to people in the first few interactions. I’m excited to see you all soon and look forward to a great time in China!

Noah Anglin.