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A Little Poetry

To commemorate my time in Nagasaribu and to thank the community that made my time there an auspicious pleasure, I threw together some rhymes for the send-off party…


Train, plane, pisang goreng / Chorus of horas! / Welcomed by Gani and crew / to the beautiful township of Nagasaribu

Getting it on in Medan / Host family toast / Greeting my Bapak and Ibu / in the beautiful township of Nagasaribu

Morning stroll, let the good times roll / BOTO for photos / It’s kerbau, not kerbou / in the beautiful township of Nagasaribu

Uno my anjing, running and lunging / Bule lari ini hari / Gravel under shoe / as the tall blond boy runs through Nagasaribu

Farewell to tea in the land of coffee / Excursion to Toba and waters of soda / New life springs from rain so blue / for flourishing takes place in Nagasaribu

Ke Ibu, Bapak, Susi, Daniel dan Hatty / Saya mau bilang terima kasih / And once more I say thank you / to all the hospitable folk of Nagasaribu