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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

A message from your local instructor!

Hola Dragones,

I hope you are so excited like me for the next trip you will start in the next couple of days.
My name is Frank, I will be with you guys the first couple of weeks in Cusco area sharing with you about Cusco, Peru, South America, the language and all this amazing culture that I’m glad being part of; I am from Cusco so I will be the local instructor and you can ask to me whatever you want.

My family is from the Sacred Valley so I grew up between Cusco city and the small towns around this area where we will be spending our next weeks in a couple of days.

I have a bachelor degree in economics and a diploma as a Spanish teacher as a second language for foreign people, so I am normally teaching Spanish when I am not traveling by myself or with groups.

I like traveling, knowing new places, learning about people and history; I’ve been in almost all countries in South America and that the reason I’ve been guiding and traveling for the last 4 years with students from different countries between Peru and Ecuador; just some months ago I decided to work with Dragons and this is gonna be my first group.

Nowadays, when I am not traveling, I am teaching Spanish in a Spanish school that my friend and me opened 2 years ago.
Some couple of recommendations that I can give you as a Spanish teacher:
– Feel free for making some mistakes when you’re talking in a foreign language, that’s is the way how you will learn; living with your host families is gonna help you a lot.
– Make some flash cards that will help you learning.
– Ask, people around you if you didn’t understand.
– And last but not less important, immerse yourself in the language by listening to Spanish music, Spanish movies with English subtitles and reading some articles or books in Spanish.

If you have any questions my email address is: [email protected]

Un abrazo.