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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

A Scavenger Hunt Without Motortaxis

It´s difficult to do a scavenger hunt in Urubamba, Peru when there is no word for a Scavenger Hunt in this part of South America. It is also difficult to explain why we need to know how long it takes to get to Ocongate when we don´t need to actually go to Ocongate. In a town that lacks street signs, it´s difficult to know where the restaurant named Kachi Wasi is located, and especially difficult when we did not know the address of our lunch location. However, we laughed through our challenges.
Our team relied on the phrase ¨¿donde esta?¨ and the help of locals who would patiently listen to our confused translations of our need to know 5 different type of potatoes. Amado spoke to a man who explained we could find a leaf that when wrapped around an injury, could heal it instantly. Claire wished to find this magic plant for her sprained ankle, but unfortunately it was 15 minutes away by motortaxis, of which we were forbidden. Later in the restaurant, Noelle proved she knows more spanish than Amado when she remembered the word ¨cuenta¨ so we could pay for our meal instead of spending the night in jail. Claire then proved her navigation skills when she led the group towards the Incan ruins at the edge of Urubamba. Despite Amado´s doubts and his constant asking to see the map, we arrived successfully at the site. Back at the market Natasha got a crash course on Peruvian potato culture whilst Noelle snuck into the bathroom of a gluten-free restaurant as she has yet to master “¿dónde está el baño?” Through all of these experiences, we still recieved 2nd place in the Scavenger Hunt, and are awaiting a recount. Will keep all of you posted.


I would like to add that I asked Claire to lead us to the ruins because I trusted her, and I asked to see the map once. One time. To Mom, Dad, and Tata, I miss you but I am enjoying this journey. Love, Amado.

Hey family! Love you loads and sending hugs from Peru. Will send more updates next week! Love, Tash

Love you lots and will check in when the connection is better. I´m still alive and have found enough pasta to keep me happy xoxo, Claire

Hey Mom and Dad, I am wearing a hat! I am having a great time, however I miss you guys Xx Noelle