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An Introduction!

So I waited until some other people posted their introductions, and while I was doing that, I was puzzling over what to say.

My name’s Dashiel (My Mom really liked the way Lilian Hellman described Dashiell Hammett in Pentimento and decided that she’d take the name and drop the second L.)

There’s a beach a ways northwest of LA, Pointe Dume. It’s a state park, $10 entry fee, sits right next to Zuma (Where you can’t tell if the beach is made of sand or broken bottles.) I’ve been going there since I was an infant. The beach itself sits in a sort of alcove beneath the Malibu cliffside. A soft decline leads down from the parking lot to the water, and if you wander a little ways down the sand, there’s a rocky outcropping that juts out from the bottom of a dead volcano sitting at the top of the cliff. Past that is another beach – quite small – more of a cove, really. Muscles clump together in the hundreds on the plump rock that seems to melt into the sand below. My godfather and I used to go over there and tear the muscles off for cooking later in the evening. There’s a pretty intense riptide just twenty or so feet from the water’s edge, I used to dance in it, let it drag me around in the sand. I feel calm when I’m there, in the moment where the ocean lifts you up into a wave and you fly, only to crash into the sand below.

I’m 18, on a gap year between high school and college. I’m from LA, born and raised save for a brief and nightmarish two year stint in Marin County (The place where rich lawyers, retired judges, and upset business people go to pretend to live.) I love movies (When you grow up in LA and have a parent who works as a Producer, you’re bound to) and three years ago I spent a month of my life hiking the New Mexico portion of the CDT with a 49 year old and a 9 year old.

When I’m not indulging in a movie or trying to finish writing a story or script, I’ll just relax and read whatever history book or article that’s caught my fancy (Or surfing Reddit, that’s always a go-to.)

Anywho, I’m looking forward to meeting y’all and seeing what you post!

See ya next week!