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Arrival Information – Please Print!

Hello West Africa Fall 2018 Students!

In one week, you will be touching down in Senegal and we want to make sure you know what to do upon arrival at the Blaise Diagne International Airport. Please print out these instructions and bring them with you in your carry-on.

And please reach out with any questions!
Your i-team


  1. Gather as a group after getting off the plane. You are 9 students in total.
    Consider wearing your Dragons t-shirt to make it easier to find each other and take a look at everyone’s intro. In general, you want to move together as a group through the airport and gather back up after each step. Make sure you are keeping track of your fellow students, maybe even get into pairs or triplets to make this easier.
  2. If possible, try to text your instructor when you have disembarked. Charlie is our student travel leader and will be able to reach instructors on Whatsapp with the airport wifi. If not, you should continue trying to reach instructors as you move through the airport.
  3. Proceed towards Immigration and Passport Control.
  4. If you did not get a customs card on the plane, you may get one in this area. It is critical that you have a completed customs card before you get to the passport officials. When completing the customs card, here are some important notes:
    – Mark that you are there for “tourism” because you will be obtaining a tourist visa.
    – Your address in Senegal should be listed as: Hotel Rex, Rue Douaumont, Thies.
  5. The passport official will review your information and put a stamp in your passport. You then walk towards Baggage Claim. You may need to show your passport with the entry stamp to a second officer before leaving this area.
  6. Go to Baggage Claim. Gather up as a group again, and Charlie can try to send your instructor a message by Whatsapp when you have all passed through the passport control.
  7. Once everyone is together, you should go to get your bags. In the baggage claim area, there will be ATMs and places to exchange US dollars. Please do not do use any of these services. Your group leaders will take you to exchange money or use an ATM later.
  8. Please wait until everyone has their luggage before departing the baggage claim area. Try to text your instructor when you are ready to leave the baggage claim area.
  9. At baggage claim, people may try to help you with your things. Politely refuse. You should all be able to carry all your things independently. They may actively try to take your things to help you, feel free to be forceful in refusing assistance. If someone helps you with your baggage, they will expect to be paid a small tip.
  10. If anyone is missing a bag, you will need to tell the airline. Inform the instructors via Whatsapp, and we can help facilitate.
  11. Once all bags are collected and all group members are ready, please proceed out the main exit for Arrivals. Your instructors will be waiting just outside these doors (in the airport still) and wearing Dragons t-shirts!


If your are unable to reach instructors by Whatsapp, please ask an airline employee to help you contact the office at +1-303-413-0822.

NOTE: Dragons administration has asked Charlie to serve as the student travel leader. Charlie will receive additional guidance from our staff and will be traveling with his phone for use during the arrival process.