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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons

Arrivals and Immigration Process!

Dear Himalaya Semester Students!

We know it can sometimes be intimidating to travel through a new airport, so here is an overview of your arrival process at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport in the wee hours of the morning of September 17th:

Once you land, you’ll walk into the immigration area of the airport. Please pick up a “Foreigner” Embarkation Card, fill it out with details from your passport and flight, and sign it. It is possible that Qatar Airways staff will provide you with this card while you are on the flight. You’ll find all the information you need to fill it out on your passport and on your boarding card, so keep them handy! On this form, you can put “Bansbari homestay” for your address.

When you arrive at TIA in Kathmandu, you will find computer kiosks on the left side of the hall (not all of them may be operational). You only need to fill out the required fields. Write “Bansbari Homestay” for the address blank. Scan your passport, confirm the information it displays, and fill out the form for a 90 day tourist visa. The computer will take your photo. Once the form is completed, the kiosk will print a receipt, which you will bring to the bank counter in the back where you will pay $100 US dollars in cash for your 90 day visa.

PLEASE NOTE: the counter accepts Visa and Mastercard, but cash is preferred. It is best if you bring $100 cash in US dollars to pay the visa fee. Please make sure everyone in your group gets through this process before anyone goes through the immigration booths.

Line up at the immigration booths on the far left, with signs above reading “90 Day tourist visa.” As you go through, smile and hand the official your receipt from the kiosk, your payment receipt from the bank counter, your Embarkation card, and your passport. The immigration official will place a visa in your passport and hand it back to you. Thank them.

Please wait for the whole group to come through, gathering out of the way of others passing through immigration. When everyone has their visas, proceed down the stairs/escalator to the baggage claim hall. You’ll have to pass through a metal detector on the way, placing your hand baggage on a belt for scanning. Once you’re in the baggage hall, find the belt with your flight information above it, and wait for everyone’s bags. This may take a while!

Once everyone has their bags, leave through the “Green” customs line, with nothing to declare. Please save your boarding pass with the luggage receipts on the back. As you pass through the customs area, an official may check that the bags on your cart correspond with the claim tags on your boarding pass as you exit the baggage claim area.

If you have any problems with any part of this process, and are arriving with the main group, please borrow a phone and call Michael at 981-863-0589.

There is no need to change money in the airport (they do not give a good exchange rate); we will do it as a group once we get settled in Kathmandu.

We will be waiting for you outside with a sign saying “Dragons HIM A”, full of excitement to see your faces in Nepal!

Bistaare jaanus (go slowly and well),

Your instructors

Charis, Tsheten, and Michael