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Back in Jogja

Just a small note to inform whomever may be wondering…

We have returned to Jogja and are enjoying some creature comforts in a delightful guesthouse not far from where our students will soon be calling home for the next 8 months. Currently we are reflecting over the past four weeks and all the lessons learned, experiences shared and co-creating an updated vision of how we wish to commit to this unfolding education in what it means to be of service, to be a global citizen, a self-aware leader and humble learner.

A big thank you to all the loved ones who have supported our students’ choice to take time away from the typical realities of non-stop technological connection as to allow our group to engage with our new surrounds with more intention and presence. We completely understand how challenging this can at times be. As we are now re-entering a more fast-paced and connected rhythm, we hope our students will find inspiration to share stories more frequently on our Yak board.

Stay tuned!

Greg, Umi, & Christine