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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Bargaining 101: A Rhyme-alicious Guide

In light of our excursion to the city of Bhaktapur today, we’d like to offer you some handy dandy tips on how to bargain! This is a very crucial skill here in Nepal, where vendors try to overcharge all the time, especially when you look like a tourist. While this is not a practice we’re accustomed to, we learned quickly that you need to be assertive and unafraid if you want to avoid being pressured into spending lots of money on things you definitely don’t need (@Wyath and his tiger tooth and knife and hemp backpack and three brass figurines, all of which were collected within an hour of our arrival). Our advice is as follows:

When you’re out here in Bhaktapur,

You’ve got to bargain at the store.

When you see something nice

Don’t take the first price,

It’s not quite that simple; there’s more.


Even what seems like a steal

Is usually not a good deal.

Say a price back,

(Don’t show them your stack!)

They’ll compromise, that’s ideal.