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BYP Senegal, Live from Mouit!

Bridge Year Senegal, coming at you live from Mouit, where we are in the midst of Wolof class! Students are currently discussing the Wolof verbs that they’ve been practicing over the past few days – to play with, to dance, to eat, to learn, and many more. All activities that we’ve been engaged in over the past few days in Senegal, playing with Babacar’s children and the many children who live in Dene, dancing with the community, eating delicious ceebu jen (rice with fish), and learning so, so much.

Yesterday evening, we arrived in Mouit, a small town in the north of Senegal, close to the city of St Louis. We’ll spend the next week here, learning more about Senegal and about each other, continuing our language studies, and spending time with the local community.

Keep an eye out for student-written yak posts, coming along in the next few days!


Jamm rekk,

Angelica, Babacar, and Berta