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My first week in Senegal has been the most magical and surreal week of my life. Our first stop was the rural village of Dene, where we stayed for three days. Dene’s hospitality was humbling. My best friend there was Rassoud, a young boy qui a six ans. He and the other children were very easy to play and speak with- they never grew tired of our limited capability in French and Wolof. When Rassoud wasn’t helping me learn to speak, he was teaching me how to wrestle. I couldn’t put up much of a fight, and he and some of the other younger kids enjoyed throwing the tubab to the ground. Though Dene gave us a very moving goodbye ceremony, it was difficult to leave. I have already felt Senegal touch me and change me. I am looking forward to the months ahead, and I will hold Rassoud and his community in my heart forever.