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Ello Guvnah

Yes, my real name is Lancelot. My dad is a Brit but I lost my accent in preschool! Call me what you wish if you want to save some energy! (He/Him/His)

I’m from a few places, namely DC/Delaware and now (for the past few years) Maine. I just freshly turned 21 years of age on this beautiful rock and during the year I usually attend Goucher College where I study Economics, Environmental Studies, and Public Health. I plan to use this academic spread to get into social policy work and eventually you’ll see my name on the 2040 presidential ballet (believe it).

For me, making and forging meaningful social policy work means escaping the walls of the traditional classroom (I have never let my schooling interfere with my education) to engage with those most exposed to policy outcomes. At Goucher, everyone is required to study abroad but they did not have to ask me twice to leave Maryland for the wonders of India. In high school, I studied abroad in Ghana for 6 months. This was by far the most foundational experience to my character and soul fire, and I look forward to growing with you all in similar ways.

Other notable and relevant factoids:

I am a Junior Maine Guide which is essentially a wilderness testing program that a lot of youth at Maine camps go through

I just finished my term last spring as Student Body President of Goucher

I like a good debate (things might even get a little heated)

I like to tinker and invent – I just built a handheld EMP generator this summer from electrical components

I love to cook – I have worked in the restaurant industry and look forward to learning new vegan/veg dishes and sharing meals with you all after a long day of trekkin’

Looking forward to our time,