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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Embracing The Unknown in Urubamba

¡Hola from Urubamba!

I have struggled quite a bit with figuring out just exactly what to write for my first personal yak post since arriving in Peru. However, as I was plopped down at the breakfast table this morning having cafe y pán as I tried to find the words to explain reasons behind my love for vegetarianism I figured out exactly what to say. The hours leading up to this first homestay brought quite a range of emotions for me…mostly fear. Scared I would run out of things to say. Fear of how much Spanish I would be able to understand. But mostly having no idea what was coming my way.

Today is my second day with my homestay family and I can already say that I have found a new home away from home. From family members playing my favorite music (The Beatles if you were curious!!!) to taking me to the market bright and early to pick out my favorite vegetables to learning how to cook a new dish. Every moment is a new and incredible experience in its own way.

I never expected to feel so at home in a country so far from my own or in the presence of people who were once strangers to me. I have definitely learned to embrace the unknown in the first few days of my first ever homestay. The start of this trip has provided so many experiences that were oh so scary at times but turned out to be absolutely phenomenal. So as Elly once said “Here is to being scared and doing it anyway” I look forward to waking up to every single step of this journey into the somewhat unknown….and of course smiling every step of the way.

– Tash