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Final Notes: Travel & Absentee Ballots

Hello from Beijing! Your instructor team is in Beijing and eagerly preparing for your arrival. As you prepare to travel to meet us here, we have a couple final notes to share with you.

On your flight to Beijing, you will be given a yellow Arrival Card and on that card, you will be asked your “Intended Address in China” as well as your “purpose of visit.” See the photo of Madeleine’s card above.

  • Intended Address in China: Beijing – Ming Courtyard Hotel
  • Purpose of visit: Sightseeing/in leisure (you are traveling with tourist visas, not student visas, so you need to choose this option)

After you get off the plane, you will go through immigration, which includes a fingerprint scan. Bring the fingerprint scan to the immigration counter.

A couple students have asked about receiving absentee ballots in the mail. If your state will be mailing your ballot to you (some do it by mail, others by email), we recommend using the address of a fellow Dragons instructor’s yoga studio in Kunming. As she will be there to receive the mail before we arrive in Kunming, we can be more certain that it will be delivered. The address is below:

Healing Light Yoga
Xuefu Lu, Wuhua District, Kunming, China PRC
Zip code: 650033
Phone number: +86 13301113048 (if you have the option to include a phone number, please do, as it makes mail delivery in China much smoother)

See you (very very) soon!

Madeleine, Long Yun, and Zack