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Photo by Catherine Von Holt, Nepal Semester.

First days in the village

We have just started our rural home stay and we have already learned much about how a daily routine might go in the Ali village.

After awakening with the roosters, we would enjoy a delicious breakfast of curried potatoes (tokhali), rhoti (flat bread), and fresh milk right from the source.

One might be sent to the fields and plant lemon trees, or cut grass for the animals. Carrying it in a basket strapped to ones heads. Some of us have become fast friends with our homestay siblings, enjoying fun games such as sword fights with balloons or card games.

After enjoying a lunch together with our fellow travelers we will sit down for a Nepali language lesson. While words may be difficult nothing crosses the trials and tribulations of a language barrier better than a friendly smile or thumbs up.

Random water pipes gushing water act as a non conventional shower or just an oasis to seek shelter from the heat.

Trekking the mountainous landscape, farmers shepherd water buffalo and goats. To get to the village one must take a series of winding stairs hewn out of the dirt and rock.

While we may be far from home we find solace in the company of our newfound friends and family.

Can’t wait to see what new adventures await us!

-Grace and Jackson