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For the Fams

Howdy family and friends! Yesterday marked the first week of our Dragons journey in China. We had a great time in Xining and will be heading to Labrang Monestary tomorrow morning. We will be starting our rural homestays soon, and we are very excited. Here are some things each of us are looking forward to and a quick message to all of you back home.



“The Kunming homestay. I have no idea what my ISP will be (maybe Confucianism?) but I am excited to start learning”
“Hey Mom and Dad! I really miss home, but I am having a lot of fun here. Life without pizza is hard, but I am managing. Tell Mike, Jack, Andrew and Scampers I said hi!”

“The Kunming homestay and learning Chinese cooking”
“I am really enjoying my time here and have met a lot of great people”

“Doing a lot of Kung fu”
“Hi Mom, Dad, and Amy! I am doing great and learning a lot”

“Cannot wait for the food in Chengdu!”
“I miss you all so much, but don’t worry — everyone here is really awesome!”

“I am super excited for more delicious food and more chances to learn!”
“I am definitely alive! Learning lots and having fun with totally new experiences! Miss you all!”

“I can’t wait to improve my Mandarin!”
“Mom and Dad, miss you tons but I definitely like the food here better ;)”

“I’m really excited to continue my language lessons and to try lots of new food. I also am going to try to get lost at some point because that is literally my worst fear and that way I can be forced to use the little Mandarin I know.”
“Hi everyone! I miss you all so much. I haven’t written any of you any letters yet but I promise they are coming soon!!! Lots of love to all of you <3 PS you are a huge nerds”

“Looking forward to seeing pandas”
“Miss you guys”

“I am really excited to meet homestay families and seeing/herding yaks!”
“Hi Mom and Dad, Nat and Dai, I miss you all so much and thinking of you everyday, can you believe I’m alive? I love you al so much and cannot wait to share so many stories with you all <3″

” I can’t wait to get to Kunming and start my official Mandarin classes and meet my homestay family”
“Hi Everyone!!! I miss everyone so much, but am having the time of my life. I think about New York almost every day and miss going on the Subway, good Pizza, and obviously Mom’s cooking (although the food here is pretty great). Love you all, and PLEASE send me emails!”