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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Dear Dragons Senegal Students,

We have received a few questions about the exact guidelines for e-readers while on course, options to contact instructors leading up to the course start, and also regarding what constitutes appropriate swimwear. Below are responses to those questions.


Indeed, most e-readers can connect to wifi. However, the main thing to consider is that you do not bring an e-reader that has robust internet search capability. Generally think low-tech as opposed to high-tech options. In other words, a Kindle Paperwhite as opposed to a Kindle Fire. If you happen to want to count your steps, FitBits are okay too.

Contacting Instructors

If you need feedback on something that requires instructor input, the best way to reach us after September 7th is via email. You may also call the Dragons’ office with any questions you have. The folks in the office can provide one level of support and they can always reach out to us via Dragons’ channels should they need to gather any more specifics.


There will be opportunities to go swimming in the ocean during orientation, transference and potentially at other times in the course. While trekking, we may have the opportunity to go swimming at the base of waterfalls and in rivers. For swimming in rural areas, we ask that you wear conservative clothing. Senegalese people generally just go swimming in their regular clothes!

You can wear swim trunks, a full piece swimsuit or a “tankini” in tourist areas. In rural areas, you should wear long shorts or quick-dry trekking pants and a t-shirt. If you’d like, you can also layer your swimsuit. If you don’t want to bring a swimsuit, you can just bring a long pair of shorts (to the knees) and a t-shirt that you’d feel comfortable getting wet and swimming in.


Elke, Samba, and Cam