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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


On September 24, Bridge Year China celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, known in Chinese as Zhōngqiūjié (中秋节). The Festival is celebrated in China and Vietnam on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, which falls in late-September or early-October every year. As we have been in our home stay in the village of Hóng Pó for almost a week now, we thought the best way to provide insight into our lives here and this holiday would be to summarize our day in five words. Our answers are listed here:

Harry: “That is a Han holiday”

Elizabeth: Stupa, walnuts, stupa, food food

Michal: Nettles hurt like a b

Luke: Persistence leads to fruitful harvest

Jesse: Circumambulate, prickly pear thorns, homestay

Kate: Music, corn brings people together

Mandy: Peaches, carbs, rain, hair, dancing

Mark: Strange cat came; missing cake

Ling: Mines the same as Mark’s

Me: Fields, food, a loud cow

Reina: Temple, sleep, quiet, reading alone