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Headed out on our first trek!

Hello friends and families,

Tomorrow morning, we will head out on our first trek in the Cordillera Real. This is one of the most stunning mountain ranges in all of the Andes. We will spend four days in this magical range.

Here’s our trek plan:

Day 1 (18 of September): We will drive from La Paz to the Tuni area, where we will set up camp and our kitchen in cabins on the Laguna Chiar Khota. In the afternoon, we will go for a moderate hike in order to continue acclimatization

Day 2 (19 of September): We will hike to a viewpoint that will give us views of the Condoriri glacier and views of other peaks in the Cordillera Real.

Day 3 (20 of September): This will be our longest and most challenging day of hiking. Our goal will be the summit of Pico Austria at 5,300m. From here we will enjoy views of a large portion of the Cordillera Real and Lake Titicaca.

Day 4 (21 of September): We will return in the morning to La Paz, and will arrive around lunchtime. Expect some reflections from the students upon our return.

Check out Pedro’s white board for the itinerary for the rest of the month.


Pedro, Leah, Matt