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“Lesson one, introduce yourself to everyone when you walk into a room. Don’t act like you’re too bougie to say, ‘Hello.'”



With those wise words from one of the creative masterminds of our generation in mind…………hello everybody!

Lesson two, don’t wait so long to do your Yak Intro. At long last, here we are (I know Ismail is sitting somewhere in Marrakesh shaking his head).

Now that lesson one has been fulfilled, lesson two partially so, and everyone in this digital “room” has been “hello-ed,” we should probably get down to details.

Name: should be at the top of post

Age: just a number! lol

For a lack of better ideas, I’ll list some of my favorite things with the hope that it paints a vague picture of Nick.

Caffeinated Drink:

Cheese: Saint-André

Gas: Chevron with Techron

Hardwood: Teak

Hot Sauce: Valentina


In all seriousness, I’m pumped for this trip. First off, to meet all of you guys, to learn some Arabic, to exist in a completely foreign environment for an extended period of time…I could go on. I’m exceedingly grateful for this experience, for all the personal growth that will ensue, and for all the people who made it possible.

Anyways…I’ll see you in two weeks!