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Hellooooo :)

Hey Guys 🙂

My name is Emily and I am from Germany! I am beyond excited to be going to Guatemala and meeting you all so soon!

Although I know absolutely no Spanish I do speak German, English and a sprinkle of Dutch. However, I love learning languages and am enthusiastic to learn this one!

Following my gap year I will be going to University in the Netherlands.

I love traveling, creating art, singing my lungs out in the shower and dancing.

Other than that I also laugh a lot (mostly about myself) and occasionally make puns (which usually end up being horrible).

In high school, I (along with a friend) created a club called Charity Fashion Show which raised money for the UN Girl Up Foundation. I loved doing this as I was helping girls in underdeveloped countries get access to education and health services and keep them safe and free from violence. I love that I was helping girls while having the chance to be creative.

Super pumped for this wild adventure in Guatemala! 🙂