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Hey guys, so I live about an hour south of Seattle, Washington. I’m a pretty boring person , I love laying in bed and watching netflix, but at the same time I love exploring new places and have an addiction to learning about new cultures. I love the Younglife ministry with my whole heart and lucky you guys, you get to travel with THE Aylen Junior High Class Clown 2015. So, I got to know Dragons because my cousin did the India semester a few years ago and the idea fascinated me ever since. I chose the West Africa program for so many reasons but mainly because honestly I had never heard of Senegal before so I just started learning about it right away and when I was reading about it the grace and hospitality of the people really stood out and I really wanted to see it firsthand. I am honestly so excited to meet everyone and to be able to experience this with you guys! Good luck with the last minute stuff everyone, I’ll see you all Saturday!