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Hiya Folks

hi ya’ll, my name is Isabel, I am 18 years old, and I live in Brooklyn, New York.

Things I love:

– pistachio ice cream
– citrus fruits
– auto correct
– real estate
– organizing my desktop
– my Salvador Dali bookmark

I feel like this isn’t going the way I wanted it to so I’ve decided it’s best to share a bit about me in more pictures than words because ~a picture is worth a thousand words~ lololololol, half kidding half not.

Enjoy this inside scoop 😛

P.S. Those pictures are from me at my prom, a dinner in rome, harvard model congress (s/o Marka E.!), a random night, super bowl XXVVIIXIXIXIXIXVVV, and jumping in front of a Banksy piece in London. Is this weird? I hope not see ya soon