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India-Specific Voting Info

Dear fellow global and (mostly) American citizens,

India is the world’s largest democracy, and its struggle for independence from the British Empire is still within the living memory of its elderly citizens. Politics, and especially elections, are a big deal here, just as they are at home, and you will likely meet Indian people who are curious and excited to hear about your political beliefs and opinions. Although we are not all American citizens, we will all be affected by the future political course of the United States in many ways, and as such we want to encourage and support you in exercising your right to vote, if you choose to do so. First, please refer to the previous Yak post titled “YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE!” for information specific to your home state regarding the absentee ballot process. Please note that registering to vote, as well as arranging your absentee ballot in most states, must be done before you leave home. If you need to mail a ballot to yourself in India, you can have it sent to the following address:
Devendra Kumar Pandey
C/O “Your Name”
B-1/111, Assi, Varanasi
U.P., India 221005

This is Saurabh’s uncle’s house, where students have sent ballots in the past with no issue. Please let us know if you are planning to send a ballot, so we can know how much mail to expect. Based on the realities of our tentative itinerary (to be posted within the next few days – stay tuned!), you will probably need to mail your ballot back to the US via a courier service (FedEx, etc) to ensure its timely arrival before Election Day.

As always, feel free to post any questions about this in a Yak.

PS: Thanks to those of you who have already reached out to us for this information, you rock!