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Initial Impressions

Within the few coming days, I was afraid to be introduced to a new culture, especially as an African American being placed around a culture that is completely different from mine. Now that we have done a phenominal 4 days of orientation, experiencing in depth the language barriers and the ideal behaviour needed in a muslim culture, I knew I picked the right trip to retain the knowledge of some ethnic group with how different our lifestyles are. I will be going into my fourth day of homestay where I have been eating of the same dish with four people, spending all day with a completely new family. But being from NYC where people can’t find time to greet one another or even the idea of what it means to relax because everyone 24/7 is so frustrated with their lives. My homestay family has shown me what it means to love one another, what family means, even the company of friends they have. I thank my mom for this opportunity to wake-up and experience this dream with eight other unique students that are breathtaking. Our staff pushes us to learn, but they also push themselves to learn as well. I can’t wait to tell the world about my journey as it continues.