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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Hello everyone!

I’m a bit late on my Yak-Board introduction given that we’ll all be meeting each other in just a few days, but better late than never!

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand but have grown up mostly in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I’ve spent the last four years at boarding school down in Chattanooga. At school I loved all my courses but put most of my time into biology, literature, and religion classes.

I’m eighteen years old and still don’t have my driver’s license — my parents drive me around a lot, but it’s cool because they’re basically the best friends I could have asked for. I have a habit of staying up late drinking coffee with friends in the dorm and then complaining the next day about being tired. I have really ugly toes from my climbing shoes, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing Chacos (so just be ready for that one guys– I warned you). I really love rock climbing, mountain biking, photography, hiking, and cooking (but more so love eating the end result).

I am taking a full gap year. After Nepal, I’m heading to New Zealand to work at an environmental conservation institute for the rest of the school year before I start at Quest University in British Columbia next fall.

I’ve spent this summer back in Knoxville working at the local climbing gym, teaching kids to climb.Whenever I’m off the clock, I’ve been outside exploring Knoxville’s mountain biking trails, free climbing along the Tennessee River or in old limestone quarries, hiking the Appalachian Trail (getting psyched for Nepal!) or couchsurfing back in Chattanooga with friends.

I’m excited to spend the next three months living and learning with you guys. We are going to be a great group by the looks of it! Here are some pictures from my summer. See you soon!  (I also haven’t started packing yet)

Best wishes,